Freshman calculus
Active learning in MATH 231, Calculus II, University of Illinois, Fall 2010
A Mambo animation of the dynamics of a bicycle wheel rolling without slipping on a horizontal surface
Workshop celebrating Gábor Stépán's 60th birthday, Budapest, Hungary, July 2014
2016 NZMRI Summer School on Continuation Methods in Dynamical Systems, Raglan, New Zealand, January 2016.
Blacksburg 2010
Conference on Nonlinear Vibrations, Dynamics, and Multibody Systems, Virginia Tech, May 2010
Brussels 2015
Horizon 2020 meeting in University of Birmingham offices in Brussels, March 2015


My research in dynamical systems explores the intersection of the mathematical, natural, and engineering sciences through theory, computation, and experiments. More...


In my role as an educator, I seek to make available a framework for continued learning, creativity and discovery through innovative course material and inspiring learning environments. More...


I am committed to providing service to my scientific community, to the university community, and to society at large, in order to make real the potential of learning and discovery. More...

“If I knew what I was doing, it wouldn't be called research.” - Albert Einstein

Some thoughts on creativity

I have a great deal of respect for the creative mind. If there is a unique human experience, it may be the ability to envision what is not yet there and the hutzpah to realize what may only have been imagined.

Some thoughts on responsibility

Integrity and ethical boundaries build confidence and trust in human interactions. I believe that the developers of scientific research and the users of its results are both responsible for maintaining this trust.

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