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Welcome to the world of MAMBO, a software package for the modeling and analysis of multibody mechanisms. A number of tutorials have been prepared for you to quickly familiarize yourself with MAMBO's features and functionality. By working your way through these tutorials, you should be well on your way to creating your own MAMBO projects.

At any time, you may switch to a different tutorial by clicking on the corresponding link in the list of available tutorials on the right side of the screen.

Each tutorial is organized into a sequence of 'frames'. Within each tutorial, a navigation bar is provided at the top and bottom of the frame for ease of navigation.

To return to the beginning of the current tutorial, click on 'Top'. To move to the next frame in the tutorial, click on 'Next'. To return to the previous frame in the tutorial, click on 'Previous'.

Some frames contain macromedia flash animations to illustrate sequences of actions. A video control bar is provided under each such animation to view all or part of the animation.

Available tutorials